Monday, 16 February 2009

Avoiding the big Freeze

This shoot has been sometime in the planning.....

I decided to push the boat out in the depths of the English winter and undertake my latest 'Forest' shoot

This time in the rain forest of Thailand

And to think we missed the biggest snowfall in the UK in nearly 20 years...sigh

I'm not going to show you the finished image just yet, you will have to wait until it is rolled out at 'Focus on Imaging' at the end of the week

You can see me on the 'Microsoft' stand as well as with my old friends at 'Phase One'

Needless to say it was a great deal of fun, if rather down to the wire

As for the animal in question this time I will give you one very 'BIG' clue

This big boy is transporting all of the gear to the location.

I shot this on the now ubiquitous Canon 5dmk2, a truly amazing camera

We missed our elephant out of the forest (I just love saying that!) and I can say Hannibal had it right! Let the Elephants carry the hardware if you can


Vincent said...

Damn Drew, Would you mind avoiding the teasers? :-) Now I have to wait for a whole week.

Touching piece by the way you wrote about the WPP winner. Makes you think and wonder where our future is going to be...scary thoughts

Keep well man

Looking forward to the end shot

Cheers Vincent

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see this! I'll be at Focus on sunday, will you be there then?


Navroop Sehmi
(website going live in about 2 weeks)

Justin Sutcliffe said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

As for the snow it was the kind or weather that any other european nation of our latitude would have brushed off. Norway will never be able to keep a straight face when talking to us again.

You were better off in Thailand!

Nick Hayday said...

So we can't handle a lot of snow, how about we add 10p to everyones's income tax, and we'll be ready in 20 years time when it happens, thought not.

Dave Keating Photography said...

Look forward to seeing the whole thing. I am eager to hear your take on the MKII. Sorry you missed the snow.



Unknown said...

Watch this space for my take on the 5dMk2!

I do love it though!