Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fuji X100 v's FujiX100S focus comparison

This it must be said is far from scientific.

But watching the Fuji guy's hands on video of the Fuji X100S where they show off the focusing performance got me thinking.

How would the outgoing Fuji X100 perform in similar circumstances?

So I did my own little test video.

The camera was set to macro and I used the same target - a Fuji battery.

First the Fuji guys video

Then my own mini version with the outgoing X100.

The results are quite interesting in that though it does focus slower (by how much you will have to make your own mind up) than the X100S, it's performance is by no means awful.

Which just goes to show, though the performance figures for the X100S are very impressive, we really will have to wait until we get to use it in action before any firm conclusions can be reached.

I have no doubt the X100S will be an improvement, but by how much?

What this mini test DOES seem to confirm is that the modified response on the manual 'Focus by Wire' is a great improvement, the old one being erm, not quite so good.


Libby said...

You are really excited by this camera ;-) If tour present model is your most used, the upgrade makes a lot of sense for you. It's just so sad that the makes can't get it right the first time. Based on your demo, I could live with he autofocus. I have cameras that are real dogs there like my old Kodak SLR. But the throw on the manual is just way too long, and although the makers may say otherwise, you do need it sometimes. Get your charge card ready!

You have a great day!

Gandalf said...

" It's just so sad that the makes can't -get it right the first time"

Yes it is and it has become worse the last years - it is often I read on fora, that they say - when some wants to buy a new camera - "Good luch you beta shooters"

But you have to admit, that Fuji listened - and they acknowledged!!!!( a lot of fine firware updates), not all camera-makers has done that.

Unknown said...

Hi Gandalf

It would have been great if they had got it right first time, no one would have been happier than me.

It does need to be seen in context though.

When Fuji embarked on the X camera adventure success was by no means assured.

The Nikon based 'S' series DSLR's were far from class leaders and were slipping from many consciousness.

The board would have had a very keen eye on the rapidly sinking Kodak.

Imagine being the project leader and standing before the board asking for MUCH more money for the X100 series to ensure it had a much faster processor and that the team needed much more time to work on the Camera's menu.

I don't know that this happened but you can imagine it did.

The rest is history.

Other manufacturers need to take note that to produce 'just another camera' is to condemn themselves to battling the sea of moribund products out there.



David said...

The focus time of the Fuji X100 has been the subject of much talk, but, it's not that bad. It's certainly not as quick as my D300 but I didn't expect it to be. Should I have though, maybe?

THe X100s is considerably more expensive than the X100 now and I still wouldn't be able to justify an upgrade!

Unknown said...

Hi David,

I agree the focus speed of AF on the X100 is not actually too bad.

My gripe(s) with the camera are some of the plain daft faults which cause it to trip up.

Mainly focus acquisition, battery life which just falls off a cliff and slow general processing speed thanks to a slow processor.

Price at the moment may seem high but it is actually similarly priced to the original X100 when that was first introduced.

Will I be getting one? Almost certainly but perhaps not in the first 'wave' while the price is so high.


Libby said...

Drew, David Hobby just got his and Zack Arias has a sample. Reports from both are positive. Here you go

Zack isn't mentioned here, but I saw his comments in an interview whrere he mentioned it.

David said...

Yeah fair point Drew. I guess price wise they are/were equal. Didn't really think like that.

Battery is an issue yes. I experienced that when i was in Berlin and it was a right pain. I used tot ake them out and warm in a pocket and you'd get a few more shots ;)

Luckily I have three now

The Geeks said...

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