Monday, 14 January 2013

At last. Raw support for Fuji X Pro 1. (and hopefully the X100S too)

Like many others out there one of the annoyances and possibly barriers to ownership of the current Fuji X Pro 1 and the forthcoming Fuji X100S is the lack of raw support by any of the mainstream raw software companies.

You will have seen me say as much in previous posts.

Both camera's use a use a Fuji designed and manufactured 'proprietary' X-Trans CMOS sensor, which rather unusually in this price segment, does not use an optical low pass filter, which brings some notable benefits.

I'm not enough of a tech whizz to know if this helps the X-1 Pro deliver excellent low light results, but it does excel in low light.

Making your own left field sensor, with its own 'quirks', means it has not been supported by the big and notable software companies, like Adobe and Phase One.

Until now.

Phase One have today released Capture One Pro 7.0.2 which offers raw support for the Fuji X-1 Pro along with other Fuji models too.

Added to this, more stability and importantly-tethered support for Canon camera's.

You can download a free 60 day trial here.

It really is remarkable software.

The talented Valentina Quintano  very kindly let me have this raw file she shot while she was in Russia to give us some idea of how 1000iso Fuji X Pro-1 files look in Capture One 7 Pro.

The Fuji X Pro 1

First full frame.....

Pic by Valentina Quintano 
Now 100 percent.

Pic by Valentina Quintano 

The Fuji X Pro 1 has never been on my 'buy list' but the important thing for me is that now Phase One support the Fuji X-Trans on the X Pro 1 sensor it would be reasonable to assume that the Fuji X100S will also be supported.

Now that camera IS on my buy list.


Libby said...

Hopefully a few of the other major players can sort this out as well. I like Capture One especially for my Leica files, but it's not on everyone's radar.

The raw file issue was one point of contention for two X Pro 1 shooters I know, one returned the camera, the other sold it after a few months. It wasn't the only reason for sale, but it was in the running.

You have a good day!

Unknown said...

Hi Libby

The lack of raw support for the X Pro 1 was not a factor in it being mssing from my list. the lack of leaf shutter and its size ruled it out. A bit too close to a DSLR.