Saturday, 17 December 2011

Changing your mind about the Canon C300

The much trailed Hollywood 'Historic announcement' which heralded the launch of the Canon C300 and strategic announcement by RED of the Scarlet X.

The amount of negative comments regarding the C300 were many.

And from people who had never used it.

One which stood out for me, and was often quoted was by Nino Leitner

He said in a blog post on November 4th

RED announces SCARLET X, totally blows Canon C300 out of the water


Strong stuff.

Pretty unfair I thought too.

Fast forward to early December and Nino was one of the lucky select few who got their hands on a C300 and made this really cool short with the C300 

He posted tests and BTS on his blog too.

Informative and enjoyable stuff.

But I still had the inflammatory 'Dead in the water' comment in my mind.

So I Tweeted him.

The conversation went like this....

Drew Gardner @Photogardner13 Dec

interesting to see that @NinoLeitner says that the Canon C300 will be his next camera, having previously said 'It was dead in the water'

Nino Leitner @NinoLeitner

@Photogardner yep I changed my opinion 180 degrees after I worked with it. I still think it's a bit overpriced, but it fits most of my needs

Nino Leitner @NinoLeitner
@Photogardner RED Scarlet is great, but overkill for 95% of what I do - also the additional investments in postpro hardware are considerable

Drew Gardner @Photogardner13 Dec

@NinoLeitner just messing with you :) it is bloody fantastic isn't it? Really enjoyed your 'cigarette' short and informative comparisons

Nino Leitner @NinoLeitner

@Photogardner thanks mate! Yeah it's really great

So as you can see Nino has been won over by the C300 and he is a good guy as well as a top film maker.

As a foot note, one really has to wonder what was going on with the whole unfortunate episode with the RED community and Phillip Bloom.

One of the most influential video voices on the web had a RED Epic, and he doesn't anymore.

How on earth could RED have let this happen?

Phil's comments regarding the RED Epic and RED Scarlet would have been difficult to take but they were in my opinion at least fair and considered.

The words of Lyndon B. Johnson in regard to FBI director J Edgar Hoover came to mind...

'It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in' 

With Phil heading off to France for a week with a pre production Canon C300, one cannot help but think the chill wind of this spat will be felt by RED for a long, long time to come.


Unknown said...

When evaluating items, I was told by an old old hack, its better to think than say it.

I think he meant to say that people have long memories. Unfortunately the same people always remember the negative ones.

I would love a Red, or a C300, you can have the same brushes as da vinci, doesnt mean you will paint like him. So I am sticking to learning video on old, cheap models prior to buying my "canvas & paint".

Great post mate.

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