Monday, 27 September 2010

Compact Elinchrom Quadra end cap by Les Wilson

I was going to blog a little more about Photokina but Photographer Les Wilson came round for a cup of tea and showed me a really great little mod he has made for his Elinchrom Quadra flash heads

When these Excellent heads first shipped for some inexplicable reason they had no protective cap(they now have a white plastic cover which goes over the reflector)

Now Les, a photographer who I worked alongside at the 'Sunday Telegraph' is a real 'doer' and has taken matters into his own hands and had these very cool end caps made out of tough plastic

This enables them to be packed very neatly into his small rucksack which he takes all over the world

Les with his bag

If you are interested Les is just planning a run of them right now and is selling them at £8 plus postage and packing

If you are interested please drop me a line and I will pass your details on


Dennis said...

Hey Drew,

I'm definitely interested in purchasing some of those Quadra caps. I hate having to keep the standard reflector on them.

Please forward my email to Les.


Brian said...

I'm interested. Thanks.

Crystaline said...

Would love to learn more! Please email

Thanks for the info!!


Drew Gardner said...

Thanks for all the many, many requests guys

I have passed them on

Les is going to be a busy man!



Kevin said...

I would also be interested in these caps - 6 in fact.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to purchase 2 of them, they look fantastic, please pass on my details. craig@



Anonymous said...

Hi mate, did your friend get back to you at all about these?

Drew Gardner said...

Hi CM Photography

I have passed your request on

I trust he will be in touch in due course



michael said...

I'm interested in 6 of the caps.
michaelbennati @ yahoo. com
(remove the spaces)

Anonymous said...

Are these still available, I heard nothing in the last month since leaving a message, happy to pay, just need to know where? I only need 2 :)

Drew Gardner said...

Hey CM Photography

Thanks for the message

I have passed on your message to Les and I trust that when he has manufacture sortedbhe will be in touch

If I hear anything I will let you know



BHCA Inc said...

Hi Drew
What a great idea. Elinchrom seems to have dropped the ball on this one. Perhaps they are hoping to sell lots of spare tubes.
Would love a couple of these.

Felix said...

I'm interested

LesW said...

Hi All
Thanks for the email after the Lord of the Dark Art
put my Quadra end cap on his blog.

I have had a hard time getting my man to make some more.
The good news is i have a new company to make a new proforma for the vacuum formed process.

The cost inc P+P for the UK is £14.00 each.
New caps from the new mould should be ready just before Xmas ( this year) .

I will let you know the timings after i have seen the new sample. ( that means i get the heads back)

Thanks again

LesW said...

Sorry should read:

Dude said...

I may be interested. How much is shipping for two to the USA?

Anonymous said...

Well, I am still interested in 2 please at £14.00 each inc postage.

Drew Gardner said...

Hi CM Photography

Do touch base with Les directly at

I know there has been massive interest



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately left a number of messages direct, and received no response, looks like these are a no go ?

Drew Gardner said...

Dear CM

I have continued to ask Les about these and know he had a batch made which did not make the grade

Perhaps I should not have trailed something which people could not actually buy yet

I have learned a lesson

Needless to say if they ever do make it I will let you know



Anonymous said...

Thanks Drew. I got a bit bored waiting for no response from him. I am happy to say someone on ebay has taken up the batton and has designed something now, not quite as nice looking, but hey its a protective cap and it does the job and it cost £12 for 2 of them :)

Drew Gardner said...


Pleased you got sorted

I was trying my best....




Dawid Czaja said...
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Stefan J├Ânsson said...

I would love to buy 4 of those caps..
Mail me if they are still avaliable at

cameron said...

if you are still selling these let me know

Calvin Sit said...

that exactly what i'm looking for ! may i have the contact please

Erik Seo said...

I'd love to have a few. Please let me know email a/t erikseo dawt com

Louis Amore said...

Hello Interested in 2 please,