Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Students Photos- day 2

On the second day I set the class an assignment

To photograph their friends and family

This is a very quick selection of what they came up with


David Getsfrid said...

Love the last one. So much character.

Unknown said...

Cheers David

These guys are going for it...heart and soul



My World, My Life. said...

There's some great shots in there. Some awesome creativity and amazing heart.
Love the first one for the character captured - a makeshift chair in front of a makeshift Coke sign.
Love the contemplative mood captured in pic 5.
Love the pride in the parents' faces and the obvious safety drawn from them by the little girl in pic 3.
Love the character in the last shot - it's just SO Cape Town.
GREAT work, all of them. Amazing colour. The shots truly capture the soul of the Cape.

Alex said...

They'd make a great book. I'd buy it.
Could make a few bucks for the project, make sure the good work continues.....

Hope you're getting some good video. Can't wait to see it.

Alex said...

Wow that's awesome. Really great to see you doing something for the greater good.

In a slightly (well OK nowhere near as amazing) way I'm putting on a pow wow/shootout for a whole bunch of photographers and models of different experience levels on the 25th of April.

The site is a derelict RAF base just North of Cambridge and is totally amazing. It has everything from decontamination chambers to old ball rooms. If you're back in the country it would be brill to have you along.

If you want to know more check out this link:

Take care,

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments My world,My Life and Alex

We are getting some GREAT video of the project

Alex, I will see if I can make the gig on the 25th



David Ritchie said...

Hi Drew,

Congratulations on the good work you are doing, the kids in our townships really need it. I heard about your stay in South Africa via twitter. I am an avid follower of and found out about it via David's retweet.

I am a photography student myself at Prestige Academy, in Bellville. I know you have a lot on your hands and are quite busy doing what you came here to do (teach the kids in the townships) but I was wondering if you could maybe give our college a visit and give a short presentation/speech of sorts?

Hope to hear from you soon,
Keep safe,
David Ritchie

jd said...

Wow - there is a lot of talent out there - and here is the proof. Thanks to the good work you guys are donig to discover and help these people. You are all doing fabulous work!!

Betty Bake said...

lovely shots - love shot 3, shot 5 - lady in the pink top in the doorway, and the last shot with the sunglasses :) well done!

Unknown said...

It is all good stuff isn't it?

Simply ran out of time yesterday to post the latest images, it was a long and emotional day

Will be posting again on Saturday