Saturday, 17 April 2010

Class assignment Day 3

Day 3 with the class was always going to be interesting, and I wanted to stretch them a little by encouraging them to consider what they were shooting

The assignment I set was 'what would you like to change about your community'

This led to a very wide interpretation of the brief, covering subjects such as poor housing, leaking pipes, slow rubbish collection and illegal electricity connections with all of the multi colored cable coming down from the pylons, yes it is illegal but what would you do if your dwelling had no electricity.......?  Just think of inconvenient it is when we have only a very brief power cut at home of work

Once again this is a very quick edit of the highlights

Please let the class and I know what you think? I have been reading out the encouraging comments at the start of each day and they make a big difference, to know that one's work is being seen and appreciated by the wider world is powerful stuff indeed.

Fourth and final day to follow, along with my overall thoughts


Will Graham said...

These are wonderful pictures. The pictures grouped together really give the audience a view into what it is like in a township. Keep it up! Your work is important as entry to the places you are photographing is very difficult to come by.

Unknown said...

Many thanks for your comment Will

The most important thing to remember is that it is the students work, not mine, they are giving the wider world this unique chance

Thank you for your support, I'm so excited about the potential this project has



Charmayne Kilcup said...

These are amazing photographs! I can sense a true light, a true inner joy radiating from the eyes of many of the people photographed.

What a talented group of photographers you have there Drew! The students have captured the true essence of their township. I've never been to South Africa but I feel like I understand it just a little bit more through the photographs of your students.

I hope your students keep taking pictures. I want to see more!

Götz said...

The whole project is a wonderful idea and the results are really fantastic!
Considered that all of your students are all novice, the results are truly amazing. The got a good eye for composition it seems. Looking at the results you show us here, you may already make a good guess about the enthusiasm that the kids have about photography.

I'm looking forward to see more photos!

steve segz said...

Hi Drew and Kids,
Hi from sunny England, at the minute anyway, under the volcanic ash cloud!
Kids,I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the images you are taking, and how important they are to let the rest of the world know about the place that you live in. Keep it up they are great, look after Drew he will teach you alot.

Drew, whatever your intentions, I am really enjoying this work. Documentary seems to be video's domain these days and I believe it loses the emphasis that photo documentary provides, it gives no time for contemplation by the viewer. These works let you take them in, consider them as a part and then the whole before delivering the complete impact of the image as a whole. I had forgotten how strong a message can be produced in this way. It has enlightened me and spurred me on with a couple of my own projects that had been put to rest due to commercial pressures.
For that I thank you and the kids for reminding me about the 'Genius of Photography'.

Anonymous said...

Great project and love the photos. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for all of your comments

One more post from this series to come, along with my thoughts

Stay tuned



Anonymous said...

I particularly like the abstract cable shots. A sign that images don't have to be anchored to a known reference such as the ground or people for them to work. Well done!

Alex said...

Another great set of images.

There aren't many places you can go these days where kids of this age haven't used cameras of some sort.
Maybe a lost amazon tribe next?
Would make an interesting worldwide comparison.

Good luck on your return journey, hope the ash cloud doesn't stop you getting back to The Smoke.


Unknown said...


Fingers crossed we make the flight home



mrthorne said...
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