Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Holiday Reading - I have never laughed so much.......

I’m just away on holiday in Florida right now, Tampa to be precise.

A holiday is a good place to settle down with a good book and readers of this blog will know I’m a fan of history, so when it came to an airport book purchase I chose to buy ‘The Six Wife’s of Henry the Eighth’ by Dr David Starkey (ISBN 9780060005504)

A rather weighty but by all accounts excellent tome of some 600 pages

But I did not read it

I ended up revisiting the very silly nonsensical but side splittingly funny ‘The Time Wasters Letters’ (ISBN 1-84317-169-4) by Robin Cooper aka Robin Popper

I first read it some 5 years ago and in fact gifted my copy to my good friend Jay Gould of the Outdoor arts foundation

The idea is a very silly one

To write nonsensical letters which engage well known companies and bodies in pointless dialogue, and to see just how far it can be taken before they wake up to the fact they are dealing with a total NUTTER

The Bafta winning author gets the tone just right, plausible, polite but bonkers

Like his letter to the King of Belgium

It reduced me to laughing out loud while reading the book in public places.

Here are a few comments others have made about the book

‘Coopers letters are absurd, pointless, and very, very funny’ Ricky Gervais

‘This is the funniest book I have ever read’ Matt Lucas

‘I laughed so much I hurt myself – and others’ David Walliams

If you fancy a real laugh please buy this book, you simply will not be able to contain yourself (I hope)