Tuesday, 12 January 2010

F stop beyond Interview

Recently I was interviewed by Ron Dawson of 'F Stop beyond'

A very interesting internet radio channel which carries interviews with photographers from around the world including Joey Laurence, Zack Arias and Gabrielle Geiselman

It was a far ranging interview which gives quite a illuminating insight into me and what makes me tick

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Hope you find it interesting

I'm in the depths of shooting my new DVD so I must fly

Exciting times ahead!




Mark said...

Interesting thoughts Drew.
I too have Nigel Skelsey to thank for the beginning of my career.
Now I have to read the manual on my 5DMk2's..

Wesley Hort said...

I find the fact that he thought you were talking about cab drivers that are black.. hilarious.. made me laugh out loud..

Also I related to shooting on the zenith, as that was my first camera hand me down from my dad...

Drew Gardner said...

Hi Mark

Nigel is a top bloke.

He has helped so many photographers like ourselves in their careers

What is your surname?

I will pass your regards on next time I see him



Drew Gardner said...

Hi Wesley

Yes, it was very funny...!

I thought i was heading into a racism row....lol

Dads have a lot to answer for, without mine encourage me I don't know what I would be doing now



Mark said...

Hi Drew,

It's me Mark Harrison who used to work with Skelsey. He gave me my first job and bizarrely, one just before he left the Telegraph.
Incidentally, despite seeing you recently in another studio at the Worx, I forgot to thank you. I too chose a Merc E-Class after much deliberation having seen you stack it high on your video excert. Shame it's useless in the snow..

Anonymous said...