Saturday, 14 November 2009

Jazz Voice - Celebrating a Century of Song

Yes, this is generally a photography blog, but it is actually a pretty accurate reflection of what is happening in my world one way or another.

Last night I went to 'Jazz Voice - Celebrating a Century of song' at London's Barbican

I confess I'm by no means a Jazz aficionado (in fact the first full on Jazz gig I have been to!) the only reason I went was to see Natalie Merchant, the incredibly talented singer song writer , as it was her first appearance in London for 10 years. If you are not familiar with her work and would like to listen to something which takes you to some other magical place, do check out her music ( my favourite album of hers is 'Ophelia' )

Needless to say I, nor the rest of the capacity audience were disappointed

But like so many things in life, you go looking for one thing and you find quite another

The line up included Cibelle, Kirsty Almeida, Kurt Elling( who was amazing and as smooth as you like), Natalie Williams, Roachford, Krystle Warren, Sarah Jane Morris, Sheila Jordan and the London Jazz Festival Orchestra (40 piece!) directed by Guy Barker.

The star of the show if there did have to be one was Sheila Jordan aged 81. She has the most beautiful voice and bursting with such warmth, enthusiasm and passion

Something to aspire to

A perfect Winter warmer on a cold rain lashed November night

It is being broadcast on BBC Radio 3 17/11/09

Stay tuned for more photo stuff soon......

PS Went to see her solo a couple of nights later at the delightful venue the Conway hall in London, which holds around 300 people. A more stunning intimate gig it is hard to imagine. Acoustic and soulful. Her new album is out in March and she will be touring the UK again, check her out if you have not done so already


Sean Bolton said...

This has reminded me of when I saw 10000 Maniacs 20 years ago this month at Manchester Apollo.

Just dug out Blind Man's Zoo from the CD pile for it's first play in quite a while.....

Fully agree Natalie has a superb voice, and she is a great songwriter too.



Unknown said...

Hi Sean

All I can say is 'you lucky devil' seeing the 10,000 Maniacs.

Yes, I inadvertently sold her short by failing to mention her considerable song writing talents



Unknown said...

I was bored one Saturday night and needed to practice some gig photography before I shot at a bigger venue. I spotted a sign saying that a Eagles tribute band were playing. Being cheeky I offered my services and offered a disc of images.

That night was the best night I have ever had. It was a small venue and the bands name was Talon.

I spoke to one of the fans who said that the Eagles regard them as the best tribute band to them in the world. They were not wrong, I didnt have a three song caveat and I shot them till halfway then I just stood there amazed at how good they were. At the intermission I saw the stage manager, he said he spotted me just watching, but not to worry about it as it happened before with another tog who got caught the same.

When you see music performed to its highest standard its a privilege.

I have stood two feet away from Myleene Klass as she played a piano and it felt like I had gone to heaven and she was just playing it for me.

I have noticed that quite a lot of togs are musically minded myself included.

Glad you had a great time Drew.


Unknown said...

Thanks Rich

For me Photography, Music and Love all come from the same place