Thursday, 9 July 2009

Total Recall...Not quite

I love Canon cameras, they have been my DSLR of choice, and before that I bought my first 'proper' camera , a Canon A1 with my paper round money in 1980.

I use the stunning 5d Mk2 at the moment, a camera I LOVE

As followers of this blog will know, I'm an advocate of good prime lenses, but sometimes a zoom just hits the spot

My 'standard' zoom lens is the Canon 24/105mm F4 'L' Series, a good all rounder

Particularly useful for this type of classic slow shutter speed zoom

3.2sec at F16 on a tripod of course and then zooming slowly in.

Perfect for a simple dynamic shot which the client loved

But this shot has been enhanced by a quirk of a lens defect

Check out this weird striped flare from the headlamp

Early Canon 24/105 lenses were afflicted by a strange type of flare which only occurs under a certain type of light

In fact Canon issued a 'Lens flare advisor note'

If you sent your lens to Canon they would fix it for you, free of charge

Needless to say, I like the unique effect and have chosen NOT to send it back

I'm just aware of it and choose when to exploit this quirk

vive la différence!


Natalie said...

ughhh you're shooting on a 5d mark ii!? le day. hopefully by christmas :]]

Unknown said...

Hi Drew

Memories of the Canon A1 - oh yeah!

Bought mine in Crawley after working my nuts off as a school boy cleaning cars. Never had a camera since that produced images so sharp as came out of the A1 + 50mm f1.4 lens.

Unknown said...

Watch this space for more adventures with the 5d mk2 !

Worn out right now, body and brain acing from an amazing game changing shoot today

It was so exciting and rewarding

The Canon A1 was my dream as a school boy and still represents what I have worked for ever since

Unknown said...

i'm pretty sure it's just light bouncing back from the road's surface... no?!

Unknown said...

Dear Ofir

I have lots of samples in certain conditions!

It is a known issue on pre recall lenses

If you have time and you dig around you will find a few examples of this out there