Friday, 29 May 2009

Perfect ending to the week

Ok,the sun is shinning in the UK but what has put an even bigger smile on face in this delightful gallery in the New York Times

On tuesday they ran a story about how a group of enthusiasts are trying to resurrect the Polaroid factory, they requested readers send in their own Polaroids.

The result is fantastic

Here are 3 which leaped off the page at me, go and choose your own from the site?

Exciting news as though I love digital I did mourn the loss of THE instant photographic medium which was with us through the second half of the 20th century

It was finicky mad stuff, faded but oh so BEAUTIFUL

I dearly hope the guys trying to bring instant film back to life do succeed

I have one request fro them though.

Please restart production of type 55, a unique Polaroid which gives you a print AND a beautiful black and white negative

Beauty in heritage go hand in hand with type 55, it was developed with the help of Ansell Adams

My good friend Lucinda Marland has shot two series on it, including the 'Lebensborn' project

A stunning powerful image which I don't think would have had the same resonance if it were shot in any other way.


Unknown said...

I cannot believe something as cool as this does not get a comment......

I love digital but this stuff is special!


Diego Huerta said...

I really enjoy your art, have an awesome weekend!

Unknown said...

Cheers dheurta!

Keep on shooting!